In another world ruled by a corrupt theocracy, a group of freedom fighters must disrupt the stranglehold that chokes the nation and avoid an ancient prophesied Armageddon.

Chapter 1: A mysterious swordsman saves some travelers from a group of bandits. Little does he know, the travelers are being followed by someone more sinister than bandits….

Chapter 2: The newly formed group rests at the end of the day around a campfire, and tell the story of Abraham – a young boy who protected a goddess and whose actions formed the strongest religion in the land: The Holy Order of Abraham. The group introduce themselves and mention their quest: to find the Lost Keys of Abraham, which when combined will open a doorway to paradise. Reluctantly, the swordsman agrees to join the travelers to protect them against future dangers they may encounter.

Chapter 3: Lead by the swordsman, the group of travelers venture across a river to replenish supplies. However, they are attacked by another group of bandits – this time lead by a Tojin assassin. And all the while, the sinister followers grow ever closer to the travelers.

Chapter 4: After the second bandit attack, the group decides to travel through the Valley – something the swordsman is very opposed to doing. The swordsman hints at his mysterious past and why the Valley is a place to be avoided. And all the while, the group of followers has finally caught up to the travelers – and apparently they have it out for the swordsman.

Chapter 5: The swordsman reveals his tortured past and why the Valley is such a terrible place for him. At that time, the group is attacked by their sinister followers – who are revealed to be Bishops of the Holy Order of Abraham! During the battle, one of the travelers is killed. To avenge him, the group decides to make an assault on the Citadel within Capital City.

Chapter 6: The group arrives at the Citadel to confront the leader of the Holy Order of Abraham, Cardinal Milikin. However, Milikin is prepared for their assault, and the ensuing battle results in many deaths – on both sides. Can the swordsman and crew defeat the evil leader and avenge the death of their families?

The Legend of Abraham: An old narrator tells the tale of Abraham, the little boy who started the world’s largest religion. Abraham underwent many trials and tribulations that included saving a goddess, killing an immortal enemy, defeating and god, and ultimately banishing the gods from the world of mortals forever. Abraham: the boy with the destiny to fail.

Hikari: The old narrator tells another tale leading up to the events of the original series, about the wife of the swordsman: Sophia. In the wake of an explosion that killed many innocents, Sophia and her sister Selphi track down the people responsible for the terrible act. However, hot on their heels are Bishops from the Holy Order of Abraham. Can Sophia and her sister uncover the conspiracy and bring justice to those responsible?

Assassins: The old narrator takes us back on a parallel path to the Hikari story, following the Tojin assassin Marielle. Hired by the Man with Beady Eyes, Marielle sneaks around offing her targets without question. However, when she’s asked to kill a monk who blew up a cathedral – a monk with no prior history of violence – she’s forced to ask herself if what she’s doing is for the greater good, or if she’s actually being manipulated by her employers.